Meet Diana Crasta      
  Diana Crasta Interiors was founded in the year 2011 by Ms. Diana Crasta. With more than 9 years of experience in interior design and decoration, she decided to start her own firm. In the following years she has made a mark with her unique understanding of client's needs and design concepts. During these years she has been involved with designs and execution of various residential and corporate spaces. Diana has also worked at Puravankara Projects Ltd., one of the most renowned builders in India. She is a member of "Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)" and is also the founding memeber of the " Bussiness Network International (BNI) Billionaires Chapter ".

Diana is a multi talented designer, with interest ranging from hand crafts to jewellery designing. A visit to her blog is a must, to know the creative side of her personality. Her blog has been the inspiration for many a people, right from kids winning craft contests at school following her tutorials, to everyday bread becoming the fashion statement in jewellery.

Our Core Values


Our Ideology

  Customer Focus – We are sensitive towards client needs and budgets while helping our clients make the right choices.

Attention to detail – We arrive at a balance between function, comfort and aesthetics in our designs and ensure flawless replication in execution.

Technical leadership – We aim to lead the industry in adopting the most advanced techniques and materials available in the market.

Integrity – All our transactions are completely transparent while adhering to the highest level of ethical and environmental standards.
Each and every one of us is different in our lifestyle and personality. Similarly, every interior space is unique. The space and design created should echo the client's life, spirit and style or an organization's values and purpose...And yet unify with the onlookers’ idea of beauty.

Careful study, research, technical knowledge together with artistic judgment makes a fine design. We believe in incorporating ideas and aesthetics from a variety of sources both within and outside of the interior design community; a practice that brings freshness and energy to our projects. We think that the days of "Don't touch" interiors have given way to homes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and establishments where both patrons and employees love to spend time. A beautiful decor can have a positive influence on our lives.
  Our design philosophy is simple "design for people".